Neo Citizens Has a Logo With a Very Progressive Meaning

A logo is a very important component of any brand. In fact, it is the face and heart of your brand. A brand, in its more general sense, is a marker that the public can recognize as being you. At Neo Citizens, we recognize that our brand is what represents our organization and tells others who we are and what we stand for, our mission, our cause. Above everything else, our brand is our logo and our attitude.

The Neo Citizens logo has a deep progressive meaning, which is not so hidden, once you understand it. It’s crafted to differentiate us from other progressive organizations and is aimed to create trust among the public that we are a credible organization and that we are true to our word and our cause.



The blue sphere undoubtedly represents our planet Earth and reaffirms the global character of the Neo Citizens movement. Ours is a wounded planet and therefore the 3 incisions represent the three great diseases of this world: social injustice, economic injustice, and environmental injustice.

The three arrows signify the direction of our movement: upward, toward progress, toward the light. The upper part of the sphere is lighter than the rest, indicating precisely that possible light that awaits at the end of our fight.

At the same time, the three arrows are of different sizes and thicknesses, indicating that growth and progress should encompass everyone equally: the weakest and the strongest, the smallest and the largest, the poorest and the richest. All and not only to the elite.

Finally, the spaces between the wounds of the planet and the spaces between the arrows of progress recall the shape of the letter “V” for “victory“, as a repeated reminder that we are in this fight to WIN, so that we keep in mind that every action we undertake – big or small – must contribute, in one way or another, to that great objective:

Achieve power on a global scale, gradually but continuously, at the local, state, and national levels, and from these positions, promote the necessary changes.

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